Picture this...

It was the year 2019, a small town girl trying to navigate her way in the hospitality world in London. Job after job, burnout after burnout - giving all her energy to places that didn’t value individuality or creativity. She had hopes and dreams of one day building a space that she felt would do everything she was told not to do. The name Kween Kream was born, she spent day after day testing recipes that would separate us from the rest. Kween Kream began small, from testing out how biscuits could be transported to help raise money for gender affirming surgeries. There were a lot of mistakes (we mean A LOT), but Kween Kream’s customers remained patient, kind and loyal.

Fast forward to 2021, there she was breaking her back working two jobs to keep Kween Kream blossoming. She announced it to instagram that she was leaving her job to tackle Kween Kream full time, then all of a sudden out of nowhere she received a generous donation from a cutie. They became friends, attended each other's parties, and they lived, laughed, labia’d all over the town. They shared ideas, equally loving the cute details and relished in each other's thoughts, opinions and theories.

Now here we are in 2023, She was given a huge opportunity to expand her vision. She enlisted their help to both have the opportunity to work in a queer positive environment. Kween Kream is built by queers and will always be for the queers. The Lgbtqia+ community is always at the forefront of our products and messages. We will always stand defiant with our trans siblings as we all deserve a safe space. 

Thank you for reading,

   Aisha, Addi & Tommy

(She/Her) (They/Them) (He/They)