Full Circle ⭕️

Full Circle ⭕️

When I first started Kween Kream, I had all close people in my life suggesting I should do this and that to optimise our growth. You hear horror stories of people blowing up on tik tok and not being able to keep up with demand. I knew I never wanted that in the first place, I knew I had a lot of room for trial and error. 

When you start from nothing but an idea in your head, no start up money barely any good business experience (we will come back to this one another day) - it’s very hard not become protective of your vision. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘fUcKinG hEll LUv, no need to get deep’ but I just want to give those reading some context, you prick!! Ok now I’m done arguing with myself. In the past 4 years, this has been my life, I’ve worked tirelessly to create opportunities for myself that no one could of done for me but ME, so let me feel my oats for a second or how ever it fucking goes.

In the beginning when I started researching, I decided to visit the Vagina Museum when they were based in Camden. I thought ‘wow! I would love to collaborate with them one day’ but through food and baking of course. I took a lot of inspiration from them, whether it was my bleedin’ buns or vulva chocolate flowers - I just loved it all really and I found my artistic process starting to form. Which is think of a punny name and then worry about if it’s possible to create! 

After then, I started by experimenting with postal orders, attending drag events, queer markets, and many failed pop up attempts. Working from home was a struggle as we started to outgrow our small kitchen in Walthamstow. Fast forward to 2023, where we made contact with the lovely folks at Positive East, a HIV charity based in Stepney Green who kindly allowed us to use their kitchen back in pride season. After pride, we took so time to recharge - burnout on top of an extensional crisis, we didn’t no what was next and I wasn’t hopeful for the future due to the current climate, that’s until we received an email from the Vagina Museum (excited beyond belief) asking for a cafe supplier. Can you you believe the full circle moment we had or are having still?! I’m still in disbelief but extremely grateful.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is trust your gut, you only know what’s best for you and be your fucking self! Oh and come visit at the Vagina Museum, Wed- Sun 10am - 5pm 😎






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